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TOOTBLANs: The Full List
Written by wrigleyville   
Thursday, 14 August 2008

The TOOTBLAN (Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like A Nincompoop) was invented here at Wrigleyville23 on May 7, 2008, as a key factor in the groundbreaking statistic RTAOBP (the Ryan Theriot Adjusted On-Base Percentage).

As a reminder, RTAOBP is determined thusly: RTAOBP = (Hits+Walks+HBP-CS-TOOTBLAN)/Plate Appearances (AB+BB+HBP+SF) The TOOTBLAN has been embraced in some corners of the Interweb - and is rightfully expanding beyond Theriot's RTAOBP.

Poor baserunning is often met with cries of TOOTBLAN! And that makes us feel warm inside.

To truly become a factor in such a groundbreaking statistic, however, we needed to start tracking TOOTBLANs. Therefore, here is the first concerted attempt to catalogue all of Theriot's TOOTBLANs so far this year (if you are aware of any others, please notify Wrigleyville23 management immediately):

1. April 10, top of 6th vs Pirates. Cubs trail 3-2. Theriot singles, advances to second on Lieber’s sacrifice and is caught stealing third with one out. Ruled safe on E5. It’s a caught stealing, but he survived.

2. April 13, top of 6th vs Phillies. Cubs lead 4-2. Theriot singles to center, gets thrown out attempting to steal second.

3. April 17, bottom of 3rd vs Reds. Cubs lead 1-0. Theriot singles to center, gets thrown out attempting to steal second.

4. April 25, top of 3rd vs Nationals. Cubs trail 2-0. Theriot doubles to left and is promptly caught trying to steal third. Lee then walks and Ramirez singles - leading to no runs.

5. April 25, top of 7th vs Nationals. Cubs trail 3-2. Theriot walks with one out and gets thrown out attempting to steal second on a strike em out throw em out.

6. May 1, bottom of 6th vs Brewers. Tied 1-1. Theriot singles to right, Lee singles to SS, the ball squirts away and Theriot manages to get thrown out at third for the first out of the inning. The TOOTBLAN is born.

7. May 4, top of 5th vs Cardinals. Cubs trail 4-2. Theriot leads off with a walk, Lee strikes out, and Theriot gets thrown out trying to steal for out No. 2 during Fukudome’s at-bat.

8. May 10, bottom of 3rd vs Diamondbacks. Cubs lead 1-0. Theriot’s RBI single gives the Cubs the lead. He is then thrown out trying to steal second for out No. 3.

9. May 21, top of 2nd vs Astros, Cubs lead 3-0. Theriot singles to center with two outs. He is then picked off at first.

10. May 24, top of 12th vs Pirates. Tied 4-4. Theriot leads off with a single. After a Lee flyout, Theriot is caught stealing on a strike em out throw em out double play.

11. June 13, top of 1st vs Blue Jays. Tied 0-0. Theriot leads off with a walk, steals second and is then thrown out at third on a Lee tapper back to the mound. Ramirez then singles before Soto flies out for no runs. Cubs end up losing 3-2.

12. June 29, top of 3rd vs White Sox. Tied 0-0. Theriot grounds into a fielder’s choice, advances to second on Lee’s walk and is doubled off on Ramirez’s line drive - after the second baseman tries to pick Lee off at first. The first baseman has enough time to throw Theriot out even though he is lying on his back. Perhaps the greatest TOOTBLAN in history.

13. July 11, bottom of 3rd vs Giants. Tied 0-0. Theriot bloops a single to lead off the inning and is promptly caught stealing.

14. July 19, top of the 5th vs Astros. Cubs trail 3-0. Theriot doubles to center with one out. Johnson hits a ball to SS - in front of Theriot - who is thrown out at third.

15. July 25, bottom of 1st vs Marlins. Tied 0-0. Theriot singles to center with one out and is promptly thrown out stealing second.

16. July 30, top of 8th vs Brewers. Cubs lead 5-1. Theriot leads off the inning with a single and is promptly caught stealing.

17. August 13, top of 9th vs Braves. Cubs lead 8-2. Theriot singles to right with no outs. After Blanco flies out to right, Soriano it’s a soft liner to second. Theriot had wandered too far away and is doubled off first for out No. 3.

18. August 14, top of 2nd vs Braves. Cubs lead 2-0. Theriot walks. After Lilly strikes out, Theriot is picked off first and thrown out at second.

19. August 17, top of the 3rd vs Marlins. Tied 0-0. Theriot leads off with a single. Lee follows with a single. Theriot is thrown out at third by 10 feet on a double steal.

20. August 27, top of the 4th vs Pirates. Tied 0-0. Theriot leads off with a double. Lee grounds out to third. Ramirez then grounds to the shortstop - in front of Theriot, who is thrown out at third by 10 feet.

(Also, please see the new TOOTBLAN-O-Meter here.)

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